Binod Khadka is a Graduate Student,TONGJI UNIVERSITY,China

Binod Khadka

Graduate Student

Organizing Committee




I have a good experience regarding Building Materials, Building structure, Composite structure, Steel Structure, Earthquake Engineering and is a reviewer in some good SCI indexed Journal. I am Editorial Board Member in some International Journals. I am also Guest Editor in some Special Issue of International Journals. I have also worked as the Technical Committee member in some International Conferences.


Khadka B, He L (2019) Rammed Earth: a promising sustainable housing solution. In: Proceedings of 9th Asia Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium (YRGS2019), Performance Evolution & Control for Engineering Structures, 19-20 December, Shanghai, China

Khadka B, (2019) Rammed earth construction, as a sustainable and structurally safe green building: a housing solution in the era of global warming and climate change. Asian Journal of Civil Engineering, doi:

Khadka B, Jiang H (2019) Mud Masonry Houses in Nepal: A Study Based on Reconstruction Work after 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Post Disaster Reconstruction Planning, 25-27 April, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Khadka B, He L (2018) A Preliminary Comparative Study on Compressive Strength of Stabilized and Unstabilized Rammed Earth. In: Proceedings of Postgraduates Academic Forum in Jiangsu Province, 2018.

Khadka B, Shakya M (2016) Comparative compressive strength of stabilized and un-stabilized rammed earth. Materials and Structures

Khadka B, Shakya M (2016) Seismic Characteristics of Un-Reinforced Mud Masonry Buildings in Nepal. In: Proceedings of International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Post Disaster Reconstruction Planning, 24 – 26 April, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Khadka B (2016) Scenario after 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and Strategy to be maintained for better building the nation, CIVIL ENGINEERING VOICE, second annual magazine by CIVIL ENGINEERING STUDENTS’ SOCIETY of Purwanchal Campus, Dharan.


  • 2017-now (English Medium): Masters in Structural Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China (4.37 GPA)
  • 2010 batch (English Medium): Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Khwopa Engineering College ( Purbanchal University)
  • 2008 batch (English Medium): +2 Science, Khwopa Higher Secondary School (H.S.E.B)
  • 2008 (English Medium): School Level Certificate, Bhagawati Secondary English Boarding School


  • Green Building Materials, Building structure, Composite structure, Steel Structure, Earthquake Engineering. CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECT
  • Rammed Earth Construction (Greenhome Construction)
  • Composite Shear wall
  • Steel plate Shear wall
  • Green Material Strength Testing 
  • Mud masonry houses and its seismic characteristics
  • Timber Structure


Awarded as Outstanding Reviewer by Building and Environment, Elsevier (2018). Recognised as an Outstanding Reviewer for Green Building & Construction Economics, Universal Wiser Publisher (2019) Awarded as Full Chinese Government Scholarship (From: Sept. 01, 2017 to Jan. 31, 2020


Currently, I am working with Tongji University, China in two research projects i.e. composite shear wall and Rammed earth construction. My next project is with Khwopa Engineering College, Nepal.


  • EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL  Guest Editor in Special Issue Title: Recent Advances in Energy Materials, Synthesis and Applications – Advances in Materials (November 2019)
  • Guest Editor in Special Issue Title: Eco-Friendly Recycling of Metallurgical Solid Waste into Construction materials – Advances in Materials (October 2019)
  • Green Building & Construction Economics, Universal Wiser Publisher Pte. Ltd. (September 2019)  International Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology, Avanti (September 2019)
  • Architecture and Design Review (June 2019-present)
  • SCIREA Journal of Materials (April 2019-present)
  • SCIREA Journal of Civil Engineering and Building Construction (March, 2019-present)  Modern Materials Science and Technology, WHIOCE Publishing PTE. LTD. (Sept., 2018-present) MEMBER OF TECHNICAL COMMITTEE IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
  • 2nd International Conference on Advances in Civil and Ecological Engineering Research (ACEER 2020)- 26th to 29th May, 2020: Beijing, China
  • 2020 International Civil Engineering and Architecture Conference (CEAC 2020)- 18th to 20th March, 2020, Hong Kong
  • 4th International Conference on Civil and Building Materials (ICCBM 2020)- 17th to 20th January, 2020, Okinawa, Japan
  • 6th International Conference on Civil Engineering (ICCE2019)- 21st to 22nd Dec., 2019: Nanchang, Jiangxi , China
  • 5th International Conference on Green Materials and Environmental Engineering (GMEE2019)- 27th to 29th Dec., 2019 : Guangzhou, China
  • 2019 International Conference on Energy, Power and Environmental Science (EPES2019)- 24th to 25th Nov., 2019: Beijing, China MEMBER OF INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ORGANIZATION
  • International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM)
  • Advances in Materials (AM), Science Publishing Group INC (October, 2018-present)
  • Building and Environment (Elsevier publication): Country-UK (May, 2018-present)
  • The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal, Bentham Open (September, 2017-present)

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