Mohamed A. ElGawady is a Professor,Missouri University of Science and Technology,USA

Mohamed A. ElGawady


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Missouri University of Science and Technology


Mohamed A. ElGawady, Ph. D., is a Professor and Benavides Faculty Scholar at Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) with 20 years of experience in extreme loading and sustainability. Previously, ElGawady has held positions at Washington State University, University of Auckland, University of South Australia, and Tokyo Institute of Technology. He worked also as a structural engineer for three years. His research addresses the performance of existing structures under man-made and natural hazard.

He also has developed innovative structural systems and sustainable materials to mitigate extreme events. He is heavily involved in different design and construction codes such as The Masonry Society building code, American Concrete Institute Code, and Transportation Research Board. He is the Chair of ACI/ASCE Committee 441 on reinforced concrete columns. He also chairs the ACI 341A on seismic behavior of bridge columns.

He is the secretary for the Prestressed Masonry Committee, and Vise-Chair the Masonry Research Committee. He co-authored 100 referred papers published in tier-one journals and 120 conference papers published in top national and international venues


His excellent and hard work has been recognized by Missouri S&T through the inaugural Benavides Endowment Award, Joseph H. Senne, Jr. Academy of Civil Engineers Faculty Achievement Award, Missouri University of Science and Technology Faculty Excellence Award, and Missouri University of Science and Technology Faculty Research Award.

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