Nawari. O. NAWARI is a Assistant Dean ,University of Florida,USA

Nawari. O. NAWARI

Assistant Dean

Organizing Committee


University of Florida


Dr. Nawari has more than twenty-five years of experience in design, teaching, and research specializing in Architectural Structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Currently, he teaches graduate and undergraduate Architectural Structures, Sustainability and Resilience, and Building Information Modeling courses at the University of Florida.

Dr. Nawari has written and co-authored over 150 publications and five books. He is a frequent contributor to and speaker at national and international conferences.
He has contributed to the design profession with several engineering innovations during his career. Nawari’s works open the door to new paradigms in teaching and designing building structures using the Structure and Architecture Synergy (SAS) Framework. Also, his research in BIM standardization has led to significant advancement of BIM standardization, particularly in the built environment.

Moreover, he has contributed significantly to the concept of encoding building rules and regulations and methods for automating building code conformance checking in BIM workflow, such as the innovative Generalized Adaptive Framework (GAF).
He is a member of the BIM committee of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) and co-chair the subcommittee on BIM in education.


Dr. Nawari is a board-certified professional engineer in the state of Florida and Ohio with significant design and built experience. He is also a member of the US National Building Information Modeling Standard Committee (NBIMS-US), and a fellow of the American Institute of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Dr. Nawari received the 2014-2015 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant for teaching and research in Kuwait.

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