Saleh Abuwarda is a Doctor In Civil Engineering/ Senior Civil Engineer,University College Dublin,Ireland

Saleh Abuwarda

Doctor In Civil Engineering/ Senior Civil Engineer

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University College Dublin


Saleh is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 10 years of industrial and research experience in several aspects of Civil and Structural Engineering in Ireland, USA, Germany, and the Middle East. Saleh earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from UCD in 2017 with major research focus on utilizing remote sensing technologies for improving Engineering work efficiency. This involved planning and setting the engineering procedures for capturing the densest Aerial Laser Scanning (ALS) dataset in the world over Dublin City Center.

Saleh developed a system to carry outbuildings and civil works inspection using Android mobile devices. The system enables the acquisition of geospatial data, uploading the data to a secured cloud and automatically processing into inspection reports. This allows carrying out inspections in accordance with the design code and the Technical Guidance Documents published by the Department of Housing in Ireland.

Saleh has participated in several conferences and workshops where he demonstrated his contribution to the Civil Engineering industry and promoted the use of new technologies to improve the efficiency of Engineering work. In addition, Saleh has several publications on the acquisition and processing of geospatial data and using these data for urban asset management and planning. Saleh is a Civil Engineer with experience in LiDAR data acquisition and planning, drones’ images processing, GIS, buildings construction, structural design and analysis, and cost estimation.


2013-2019 Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.
2010-2012 M.Sc. Geomatics Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart. Germany.
2002-2007 B.Sc. Civil Engineering, IUG, Gaza. Palestine.


- Open Source GIS Data - LiDAR - Drones Survey

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